• Su sonrisa, su salud, nuestra pasión!
    Su sonrisa, su salud, nuestra pasión!

    Una sonrisa cálida, saludable y con hermosa dentición, son la puerta a una vida llena de buenos momentos y oportunidades.

  • Ortodoncia actual y personalizada!
    Ortodoncia actual y personalizada!

    La Ortodoncia ha evolucionado mucho en los últimos años. Usted merece la mejor atención.

  • Tecnología!

    Contamos con la última generación en brackets autoligantes bucales y linguales, para su mejor atención…

  • Cursos de actualización!
    Cursos de actualización!

    A lo largo del año programamos variadas actividades de perfeccionamiento clínico en Ortodoncia para colegas nacionales e internacionales en diferentes formatos.

  • Bienvenidos, Bemvindos, Welcome!
    Bienvenidos, Bemvindos, Welcome!

Commited to health and beauty

In our office, patients are our most important consideration. Respect, effort and commitment into a warm and friendly environment are the column of our daily work. We are really aware that the competition is huge nowadays, that is why our offer is based on an individualized treatment of every patient, respect the assigned time for the apointments and the use of the best and most updated products and techniques available worldwide. Dr. Nunez, is a certified Orthodontist (Universidad de la Republica del Uruguay) and he is in charge of treating all the Ortho patients in the clinic.

An Ortho treatment, means an investment in time, dedication and money. That´s why the patient needs to feel comfortable and happy with the objectives achieved as treatment moves on. It is healthy to clarify that the result of treatment, not only depends on the Orthodontist but also the patient and its family are a good part of everything. Kid, Teenager or adult patient will be the one carrying the appliance, and then the main involved part of the team. I mean with this hygiene, taking care of the braces and attend on time to the control visits along treatment.

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